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Simply Natural is a company incorporated in 2007, the company’s flagship product ‘Eco-Friendly Disposables’, today has a fast growing customer base of over 200,000 pieces per day and five beautiful holiday homes at some of the most exotic locations in the Himalayas. We are diversifying.

Our Parentage
Interests in eco-friendly disposables, holiday homes, agribusiness, information technology, organic herbs and promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Domain Expertise
Over the last five years Simply Natural is establishing amongst the like-minded community with the help of domain experts. We strongly believe in “Let the experts do their Job”.

Our Products  
Our entire range of eco-plates are only made from Areca, Coconut and Palm leaves without harming them, they are purely natural, biodegradable, and economical which is good for us and for our Mother Nature. Our disposables do not add to global warming and healthy even if consumed by any animal. These hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, light weight plates and cups made out of Areca leaf are environment friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Since in business, we are replacing a tons of plastic everyday through our buyers comprises of sweet shop, bakeries, fast food joints, serving vans, caterers and picnic

The Arecanut palm is one of the important commercial crops of Assam, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Though the betelnut is used widely in various forms yet the sheath attached to the leaf of arecanut tree is not used for any productive purpose at present. It is a hard material and has good tensile strength and is available in abundant in most parts of Assam. Arecanut sheaths (extension of the leaf) can be utilised for manufacturing disposable plates and bowls. Such plates are being produced in South India since the last 7 years and sold commonly in the market .Simply Natural, has been working on this product in Assam and West Bengal since the last 4 years. Presently 3 units promoted by Simply Natural in Tamilnadu and Assam delivering successfully throughout India, US and Israel replacing a tons of plastic and other non- biodegradable products . Simply Natural has been recently awarded by Lufthansa Aviation and Economic Times for its pioneering spirit in entrepreneurship.

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